Do you need an Open API/Swagger or AsyncAPI tweaked or created from scratch? Digital Comma can write your API documentation and help reduce your developer’s workload so that they can focus on what they do best.

Some recent findings about the current state of APIs indicated that ‘Only 32% of API providers feel that their organisation’s API documentation is above average.’

Technical and business writing "Technical writing"

Digital Comma has created documentation sets and written content in various formats and on diverse subjects: websites, newsletters, intranets, ISO9000 compliance documentation, systems of policy and procedure, reports, code commenting, leaflets, brochures, online help, eLearning modules and more.

If you require high-quality, cost-effective technical writing services contact Digital Comma to help you efficiently communicate with your customers (internal and external).

Intranets Intranet management

An intranet is not usually one standalone tool but a collective term that describes a set of interconnected systems used to deliver communications and collaboration in an organisation.

  • Every intranet is different: each intranet platform has its own library of tools and every organisation brings its own quirks and integrations
  • Every intranet is the same: there are common sets of solutions (some of which won’t fit your needs) and some pre-requisites for managing content
  • A content management system (CMS) is not an intranet - any more than a recipe is a meal. A CMS will provide a framework and, often, a starting point but you will need to determine how to craft an intranet using the appropriate tools for your audiences.

Digital Comma can help provide guidance in stepping through this minefield of choices (often ‘too much choice’) and help you to make key decisions.